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For this project, two committees have been established by the City to provide assistance and advice during the project development process: an Agency Steering Committee (ASC) and a Community Advisory Committee (CAC).

Joint ASC/CAC Meeting #3 – July 9, 2015

The purpose of the meeting was to provide an update on the project and review the detailed study alternative (DSA) that will be carried forward for detailed designs and environmental impact evaluation. In addition to the No-Build or “no-action” alternative, the DSA is the “Build” alternative that will be advanced for preliminary design and evaluation in the environmental document, and Environmental Assessment (EA).

The meeting also included:

This meeting was quite important because at our last meeting in July 2014, there were still two alternatives under consideration. Since that time, Alternative 2 was eliminated from further consideration and detailed study. Find out why Alternative 1 is being advanced for more detailed design and comprehensive study in the environmental document, as well as other project information, by clicking on the links below:

Joint ASC/CAC Meeting #2 – July 24, 2014

A very BIG thank you to members of the JSSRR Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and Agency Steering Committee (ASC) for participating in the Design Alternatives Review Meeting on July 24th. The session was a follow-up to their input and efforts at the Design Work Session last August, in which members were engaged in interactive exercises to assist the team in developing typical sections and identifying their preference for access management along the project corridor. They also asked the City to consider a new location option in the northern section of Sandy Ridge Road near I-40.

The July 24th meeting was very productive, as committee members reviewed the preliminary alternatives and made additional suggestions. More detailed information about the results of the Work Session is forthcoming in a Summary Report.

Two preliminary alternatives were presented, both with the same proposed typical section. The typical section includes two 12-foot travel lanes in each direction with separate striped bicycle lanes, a sidewalk on one side, and a multi-use path on the other. The roadway would include curb and gutter and a 16-foot landscaped median.

Alternative 1 would widen existing Johnson Street/Sandy Ridge Road from Skeet Club Road to I-40. South of Joe Drive, both Alternative 1 and Alternative 2 are the same.

Alternative 2 includes a new location segment for consideration for the northern end. It would also widen Johnson Street/Sandy Ridge Road from Skeet Club Road north to around Joe Drive. From this location northward, Alternative 2 would be on new location, tying back into Sandy Ridge Road near the Farmer's Market. For roadways near the Farmer's Market area, there are three options (a, b, and c) to reconnect side streets to Alternative 2.

The preliminary alternatives will be presented at an upcoming Public Meeting to be held this fall.

Click on the links below to view the CAC/ASC Design Alternatives Review Meeting handouts, presentation, and preliminary conceptual alternatives.


Meeting Agenda

Powerpoint Presentation

Preliminary Alternative 1

Preliminary Alternative 2

Potential Full Access Points

Alts 1&2 - General Impacts Matrix

Alts 2 - Options Description Table

Agency Steering Committee (ASC)

Local, state, and federal agencies/departments have been invited to participate on the Agency Steering Committee for the project. Their primary roles are:

Committee members will make recommendations to High Point on behalf of the agencies they represent. Where appropriate, these will be incorporated into the project development process and/or specific design features. The state and federal agency invitees generally include those who have review/permitting authority for the project.

Meeting #1 – September 18, 2012

Meeting Minutes (pdf)

Powerpoint Presentation (pdf)

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The CAC is comprised of a diverse group of citizens who have a vested interest in the area. Members are familiar with general community issues and are interested in improving transportation in High Point. The overall role of the CAC is to:

Additional opportunities for members of the public to be involved and provide their input are described under the Public Involvement page.

Meeting #1 – September 18, 2012

Meeting Minutes (pdf)

Powerpoint Presentation (pdf)

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