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How This Project Came About

The JSSRR project corridor is recognized in numerous City planning documents as a vital corridor in High Point's northern planning area and has been an important focal point of development and growth opportunities for over a decade. This is evidenced by planning documents adopted to guide land use and transportation planning decisions and to assess needs in the area.

path In 2002, a feasibility study for the project recommended the project be included in the State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) and cited the need for widening and access management provisions, as well as pedestrian and bicyclist accommodations. The project is included in the STIP as Project U-4578 and is funded for planning studies.

Land use planning for the JSSRR area commenced over a decade ago, beginning with the City of High Point's Land Use Plan for the High Point Planning Area (April 2000, amended through January 2011). Other land use plans include:

The Study of High Point's Future Growth Areas identified Johnson Street/Sandy Ridge Road as an important project.

The 2006 High Point Community Growth Vision Statement was developed collaboratively with city residents and is at the overall core of the City's future planning plans, policies, and programs. The vision statement is to manage growth to:

The Project Team will consider these factors in the development of improvement alternatives to the JSSRR corridor.

Transportation plans that include the project area are listed below:

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